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Joe Larkin

Blockchain, Innovation, and Disruption in the Real Estate Industry:

The new normal for the real estate industry is consistent change! Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Crowdfunding, the new employee, and remote work & mobility.


The recent lockdown has driven changes in our work, in the economy, in social structures, and in our personal behavior. It has pushed the reluctance of the use of technology aside. The acceleration and adaption of technology during the pandemic have impacted everything, and real estate is no exception. 


Technology acceleration and innovation will continue to play a major role in the future of real estate. Constant themes such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cybersecurity are part of the vast landscape of commercial real estate. 


Corporate leaders and investors see disruption as both an opportunity for differentiation and an existential threat. We will look at how to translate disruption into knowledge and skills for success to seize the upside of disruption. With change comes opportunity!

During this presentation, we will overview the innovations and disrupters that will impact commercial real estate. You will discover how these changes create opportunities for your business. 

Webinar Presentations 

Lease Versus Own Strategy & Analysis:

This may be one of the best times in history for a business to buy its real estate. Low-interest rates, availability of capital, and stable valuations all make it a good time to consider owning real estate. Should a business buy real estate?


As a broker, leasing agent, or consultant, you may be asked to advise a client on the merits of owning or leasing commercial real estate. You may need a model to compare the leasing and owning options, as well as, a firm understanding of the non-financial factors, the cost of occupying space, and the return on the deployment of capital.


Owners or investors of commercial real estate need a clear understanding of all the options your tenant may have. One option may be purchasing the building it occupies. Understanding the choices your tenants have and the value of the tenant’s lease is critical to real estate investing.


During this presentation, we will overview a financial model that compares leasing and owning. We will also explore the non-financial factors that influence the lease versus own decision, and how to calculate the return on the deployment of capital invested in real estate. Each attendee will receive an Excel template that will model the class presentation.    

Lease Versus Own Strategy & Analy