Commercial and Investment Real Estate Brokerage

Joe's approach to the brokerage business is one of an "agent advocate." As a real estate counselor and trusted advisor, he ​clarifies his client's needs and advocates relentlessly on behalf of his clients all the way through the transaction.


The difference between traditional brokers and agent advocates: traditional brokers negotiate on their intuition and are not analytical or data focus. Agent advocates have the ability of converting data into usable knowledge by applying analytics and market knowledge to guide their clients to a well-informed complex transaction.

Most brokers don't have the interest or skills to convert data into useful knowledge. They lack formal training and suffer from the lone-wolf syndrome which is eat what you kill!

His ability to provide market intelligence, clarity, analysis to a complex transaction is key for the success of his clients. 

His knowledge and experience delivers actionable insights, that provide a positive change, impacting his client’s business or portfolio.

Strategic Planning 

Creating a well-defined strategic plan and business strategy for the investor needs to be clearly articulated allowing them a distinct advantage when planning the vision for their portfolio. Joe works with the investor in the strategic planning process. The strategic plan provides an investor with a direction of how to get there. Consideration for investing in CORE, CORE-PLUS, Value-Add or Opportunistic strategies are reviewed during this process, as well as, considering financing alternatives and the risks associated with financing. All strategic plans must include exit programs. What-if scenarios are evaluated during the holding period. 

Real Estate Counseling

A large part of Joe's practice is real estate counseling. This practice is similar in many respects to consulting, however the difference is working through the real estate problem with the client, over a number of meetings or calls. Then the client processes and evaluates all options in order to come to a final plan of action(s).


Combining his market knowledge, experience and core competencies derived from several real estate disciplines, Joe delivers custom real estate strategies and solutions necessary for his clients to make the right real estate decision for their situation.   

Areas of Experience
  • Sale Leaseback Analysis

  • Disposition Analysis

  • DCF Underwriting

  • Lease vs. Lease Analysis

  • Lease vs. Own Analysis

  • GAAP impact 

  • RFP for financing 

  • Appraisal & Valuation

  • Underwriting 

  • Demographic Analysis 

Deliverable & Reports include:

  • Sale Leaseback Report

  • Lease vs. Lease Analysis

  • Lease vs. Own Analysis

  • DCF Underwriting Reports