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Real Estate for Your Business

Whether you lease or buy you pay for the space you occupy!


Developing the right real estate strategy is critical for a successful business.

The cost to occupy real estate is one of the top three most expensive items on your profit and loss statement. Reducing this cost increases the net operating income. We provide our clients with an understanding of the costs and more importantly a way to minimize those costs. and, alternative occupancy options. Our proprietary reports and analysis, help our clients understand their real estate is critical to the decision-making process and a successful real estate strategy.

Understanding your dollars to occupy will provide you success!

The “number-one” mismanaged asset in Corporate America is real estate. Choosing the best space to lease with the best terms will provide your company with the foundation needed for future success! The cost to occupy real estate is one of the top three expenses on the company’s profit and loss statement and is the least understood. The lease versus lease analysis helps companies determine the least expensive space to occupy using various financial modeling, a must for all companies that occupy real estate.

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Whether you lease or own you pay for the space you occupy!

There are many benefits of leasing your property as well as owning it. Many companies exploring their options on how to occupy their bricks and mortar, this may be one of the best times for a business to evaluate its mode of occupancy real estate. The process starts with the subjective test.

Our financial analysis is completed using the after-tax cost to occupy space and the return on the deployment of capital. The final piece of the report is complete a sensitivity analysis. Our advanced analytics will help you make the right financial decision.

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Businesses are rethinking how they use space and real estate. Employees’ attitudes about how to work are changing as new generations and COVID has shaped the workforce. Technology is creating new ways of working. Organizational leaders are recognizing that the workplace plays a vital role in their strategies to attract and retain talent, manage costs, and compete successfully in a rapidly changing environment. Our workplace strategy considers the physical and virtual work environment to develop strategies to drive desired results.



Unfound capital for your business in your real estate.

Many companies utilize the sale-leaseback transaction to cash out the equity in their real estate. In a sale-leaseback transaction, an owner-occupier of real estate elects to sell (monetize) its corporate real estate facility and structure a new, long-term lease on the property to an outside investor. In exchange, the company receives capital to grow and revitalize its business through the sale of the facility. The transaction has many benefits to the company, such as debt reduction, improvement of financial statements obtaining 100% financing.



Joseph Larkin  provided our company with the best insights on how to occupy our real estate saving us time and money!

Joe Larkin helped us develop a retirement strategy by investing in several small multi-family properties and implementing the strategy. Thank you First Realty!  

...During lease negotiations with a Fortune 500 Corporation, Joe negotiated the tenant pay the fifth year's rent in advance giving us the cash flow we needed. Their creative deal-making made the deal work for us!   

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Investor client

Office Landlord 

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